Travel and COVID: Disneyland

I still can't believe that I was in Disneyland last month. I see the photos on my phone, and I'm still awestruck that we were able to make it happen. That being said, traveling right now due to COVID is no easy task. Let's back up a couple months. When mom passed away, she made... Continue Reading →

Disney Cruise

I love everything Disney. Give me any park, any day and I will be a happy girl. But doing a Disney Cruise exceeded my wildest dreams. It was by far my favorite family vacation that we have ever done. It was just my husband and our kids and I will treasure those memories until the […]

Countdown to Disney!

Part of going on any trip is the anticipation; the planning, and the researching, and the Googling... oh the Googling! Don't forget the Pinteresting! That's a word, yes? I love getting excited about a trip. My family has been watching all the old Disney classics in order of release in anticipation for our upcoming trip. We are all... Continue Reading →

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