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Here’s the thing. We really, really love Disney. A lot of people don’t understand why. It’s easy to look at Disney as the multi-billion dollar company that it is marketing everything from salads to toys to home decor. If you boil it down, yes, ultimately they are a business and their goal is to make money. I don’t believe this is the vision Walt Disney had for his corporation, but I do get it. Increasing ticket prices for the parks, and creating add-on’s have made frequent trips a thing of the past. But it’s never been about that for our family. Disneyland is a place for us to be together as a family. The line ups are opportunities to get to know each other more. Every new ride is an opportunity for encouragement. It’s more than a destination; it holds some of our favourite memories and moments.

There is a magic about the moments that we have shared in the parks. Our homes now reflect and remind us of the amazing moments we have had in the parks. Here’s a look at some of our favourite places in our homes.


I have Disney sprinkled throughout my home… some more prominently displayed and some more subtle. A few of my most prized items are pictured below. My grandparents gave me this Cinderella snow globe when I turned 16. They wanted to get me jewelry and I’m just not a jewelry person. I knew that this was something I would always cherish… and even though I don’t think they really understood it at the time, they bought it for me. And it has honestly become the top thing I would grab in a fire hands down.

16th birthday present from my grandparents.

The other items are things I’ve picked up from various Disney trips or Disney stores, or have been gifted. These items truly “spark joy” for me and I smile every time I see them!

These are a few of my favourite things: my Disney Jelly Belly dispenser; my favourite quote; a picture of my girls; my favourite cookbook; my favourite Thomas Kinkade canvas.


Most notable is our Vinylmation collection. About 10 years ago, these little Mickey Mouse figures made a big impact on my husband. At first, I thought it would be something we would only buy in the parks… maybe one per trip… and then it exploded into a collection of over 400 individual figures, scattered across the 3 levels of my home! At one point, it was as big as pin trading. There would be people that would hang out every weekend at Downtown Disney and trade with others. We are still in relationship with some of the people that we traded with all over North America! It’s sad that they phased them out. Thankfully, we completed most of our favourite sets.



My absolute favourite Disney feature in my house is our Disney gallery wall. It’s a collection of pictures, prints, signs, and basically anything Disney that would fit. Including a Disney Store key (if you are the first person for store opening they do a ceremony and give you a key as a keepsake) that I painted white. It makes my heart happy every time I look at it. 


The kids bathroom is another space where I have incorporated Disney in our home. There are so many fun bathroom sets to choose from. I found ours at Kohl’s a couple of years ago. It’s perfect for having both a girl and a boy.

My daughter had a princess room when she was little. Sadly she has grown up a bit and I had to refine it so it didn’t look too “little” for her. Danielle painted her Rapunzel shoes, which she had signed in the parks. They are so wonderful I knew I had to find a way to display them. I did a gallery wall in her room as well. The majority of the photos I used were from the parks. Again, all of our favourite memories.

My son’s room has a little less Disney than his sister’s, but he does have a “special shelf”. He started collecting Disney Collections figurines. 



These gems are sitting on a book case in my living room. These ears are too pretty to be put away, so here they sit awaiting our next Disney trip. (Check out our girl Ariel’s shop here for a pair of your own!) That football was the present I brought home for my husband when I was a senior in high school and traveled to Anaheim with our school band. That was thirteen years ago this May. We have also collected some Disney Art books to display. They’re great to flip and read through.

I love printing photo albums of our trips, because what’s the use of taking all of those photos if you never look at them? The kids love to pull it out and point at all of the pictures. This teapot is a treasure that my mom picked up for me in the parks as a Christmas gift. I collect tea cups, and this tea pot fits in perfectly with them. Above our couch hang three Thomas Kinkade Disney Canvases. Beauty and the Beast is my husbands favourite, Peter Pan is mine, and The Lion King is a mutual close second. Every so often my boys remember they’re up there and enjoy pointing out the different characters.

My very favourite souvenir to bring back from the parks was the Starbucks “You are Here” collection mugs. They’re so beautiful that I didn’t want them hidden away in my cupboards. Last year we were passing through Ikea and saw this shelf set up, and we both knew that it was the perfect setup for these beauties. We purchased the brackets, board, rail and hooks separately at Ikea.

This might be my favourite room in the house. The boys’ nursery. Danielle kindly came and painted this beautiful mural for me before my first son was born. Initially we had a crib in here. When it came time to transition Cai from the crib to the big boy bed, I could not resist getting this pirate bed. It was too perfect! You can get them in store, or you can take a look at Facebook Marketplace. The boys love playing with it, and just sparkle when they’re going to sleep in their pirate ship. When Fin has outgrown the bed, I’m thinking it might make a cute ball pit, or sand box for outside. 

I really love to blend elements from the original story with the Disney version. Once we knew our second was a boy,  I custom ordered this vinyl for the wall. It’s also been a tradition to get their names painted with a specially selected Disney character in Anaheim, so my mom brought back his name with Peter Pan at the start.


Finally, we have these beautiful prints by Noah. I like that it’s Disney without being punch-you-in-the-face Disney. It’s also fairly neutral, so I’ve been able to change up the bed spread without having to replace the art.


As soon as I found out my husband and I were having a girl, I knew I wanted to do a Tangled theme nursery/kids room. I started Pinning ideas and choosing my paint colour. I had seen a really cool image where someone had painted the castle with the lanterns on the wall of a room and I fell in love. However, our house was having some wiring issues and we were toying with the idea of completely changing out the old wiring for new, with the electrical panel on the very wall I was going to paint. So I had the bright idea to paint several canvases to let my vision come true!

Smaller than I had originally envisioned but still adding such a great personal touch!

I was actually still painting lanterns on it while in the early stages of labour. So you could almost say it was a… 😎 “Labour of Love” (see what she did there). I did end up going back and adding more though, as I didn’t quite get as many done as I had hoped. 

This really set the tone for the room, as well as some Tangled wall decals I was able to get for a steal of a deal.

Every time my daughter sees them she says “pretty”.

I then found a lamp that I liked so that I could add the lantern detailing on it, which was harder than I anticipated (the material did not like my paint). I also bought these paper lanterns for her first birthday last year and added them to her room, and I love them so much.

Heidi then gave us some Tangled prints, and Elisia got Keladry’s name done in Disneyland for her wall! These little touches really bring the whole room together, and it shows off my favourite movie ever, which makes me happy. My daughter will like it because I like it… at least I hope so!

How do you incorporate Disney in to your home? Tag us on Instagram @stressfreemickey so we can admire your home!

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Have a magical day!
Erica, Heidi, Danielle and Elisia

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    1. Thank you so much Amanda! Yes I wish my girls were little so I could do something like this too!

  1. To start with those Thomas Kinkades are to die for – omg they are just so incredibly beautiful. I also adore the Disney gallery wall! What an amazing edition to your home. Finally, we’ll you’ll see from my post how much I appreciate mugs – I’m loving the collection!

    1. Thank you! It’s just our happiest of things and makes us smile!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think it’s very sweet how you all have woven your family memories into your homes. Those kids rooms and nurseries are amazing!

  3. I love seeing the different ways the four of you have decorate with Disney.

  4. I love how you guys have given each sisters different perspective on decorating with a Disney flare.

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