Quick Service at Walt Disney World on a Budget

updated Jan 6th, 2022

With endless options for quick service food offerings, Walt Disney World can seem overwhelming. We definitely felt that way before our first visit. We didn’t want to miss any “hidden gems” or classic “must dos.” For our best tips and tricks on sticking with a budget at Walt Disney World, head to our post Operation Food Budget: Walt Disney World.

If you’re looking for just a few faves we already have a blog post about our 5 Best Cheap Eats at Walt Disney World, but truly there are endless options. So in this post, we break down more Quick Service restaurants park by park (and a few off site options too!).

These are some great choices that won’t “break the bank” at each park, which are both filling and great to share. For real time menus and pricing, be sure to click the links provided.

Magic Kingdom:

  • We love us some Mexican food and Pecos Bill has never disappointed. In pre-COVID times there was an unlimited toppings bar, so we would share nachos for $10.99 and load them up with as many toppings as we could. It was SO filling. For two of us, we order one; for five of us (2 adults, 3 kids) we order two. The fajita platter for $14.99 is also going to be super filling and delicious.
  • Flatbread at Pinocchio Village Haus is delicious and easy to share. There are currently four different kids (gourmet cheese, margherita, meat lovers and pepperoni). You can also get a staple here, chicken strips (4!) and fries for $9.99.
  • Tomorrowland Terrace is a great place for cheap eats and cheerful atmosphere. The trio platter is only $13.99 and is a combo of fried shrimp, fried fish and chicken nuggets with hushpuppies and fries!
  • Columbia Harbour House has amazing seating on the top floor where you can take a breather from the bustle of the park. It’s a great place to eat food you brought in or to share a meal. (Note: it is currently closed due to COVID.) 
  • Casey’s Corner is a great cheap eats option. From loaded hot dogs, to corn dog nuggets, to a plain foot long… and they even have plant-based options! Running from $10-$15 these are fantastic items to share. 


I budget more for Epcot than any other park, especially during festival season. The small plates are quite small and they aren’t cheap. Things will add up fast! If you have a budget, look ahead at the offerings and pick 3-5 things for the day to share. I was blown away by everything I had at the Festival of the Arts booths! For what I chose and how we shared, check out this blog post hereI enjoyed “eating around the world” so my husband and I shared a small thing from each area, but definitely budget extra for food in Epcot.

  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse has a half chicken meal for $13.99 that is served with garlic toast and choice of a side (onion rings, baked beans, coleslaw, french fries or mac and cheese). The side alone could feed a kid depending on what you choose! It also has a plant-based BBQ jackfruit burger for $12.99! They have a great kids menu from $7.49 worth checking out. I’m never too proud to eat off of the kids meal and (bonus!) it comes with a drink.
  • Sunshine Seasons has “The Land Crusher” with pulled pork and cheese on Texas toast served with chips for $10.99! You can also get a rotisserie chicken with beans and rice which is super filling for $12.29.
  • Tangierine Cafe (currently unavailable) at the World Showcase in Morocco, when it’s open, is the best quick service meal you can get and super shareable!

Hollywood Studios: 

  • We really enjoy Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Galaxy’s Edge, as the food is refreshing and different. We shared the Roasted Endorian Chicken Salad; it was delicious  and very filling! It has mixed greens, chicken, roasted veg, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and a green curry ranch. I would’ve had it twice to be honest. They also have fried chicken, pot roast and pork ribs.
  • Woody’s Lunch Box is a favourite and for good reason. Classic comfort food done well. The grilled three-cheese sandwich with a side is a modest $8.99 and the famous “Totchos*” (which come in lunch and breakfast variety!) are only $8.99 as well. (*photo cred for the “Totchos” goes to Detour to Neverland).
  • If you’re craving pizza, head over to PizzeRizzo and get a kids meal. Small cheese or pepperoni pizza with an orange and a drink for $6.99!

Animal Kingdom: 

  • There is a surprising amount of quick and delicious food in AK. Satu’li Canteen in Pandora is fantastic and the place you will get the famous “cheeseburger” pods everyone talks about. You can get them from the kids menu for $7.99 (comes with a drink!). We split these and a bowl for $12.49 (choose from shrimp, beef, chicken) and it was very filling.
  • Restaurantosaurus has hot dogs and burgers. Pre-COVID, it also had a self-serve topping bar which gave great value. We still think it’s worth checking out with it’s generous portions and a menu that will please most. Chicken breast nuggets (8!) and fries for $9.99 is a great meal to share. Through in a Cobb salad with bacon, blue cheese and egg for $8.99 and we think that’s all the food you’ll need for a quick lunch!

Outside the Parks: 

This is where things get blown wide open. There are all of the quick service offerings at Disney Springs, and then more at all of the resorts. For efficiency of time, we pack and stay in the parks on park days, but on “off days” we love to resort hop and check out the other food options. Packing snacks for HS or Epcot, then popping over to the Boardwalk for a gourmet ice cream sundae at Beaches and Cream, for instance, is a welcome option. When it’s open, we feel strongly that you can’t visit a Disney Park and not get the beignets. At WDW, you will only find them at Port Orleans French Quarter. (They come with an option of three dipping sauces!)


Disney Springs

Disney Springs is also a whole different beast. The best QS option is likely going to be Polite Pig. Their sandwiches are only $11-14 and totally shareable. The sauce bar is a total bonus, and it feels like a Table Service restaurant, even though it’s classified as Quick Service. We LOVED the platter, we shared it with 5 of us and then headed to Gideon’s for dessert!

We also really liked Chicken Guy! It was a long line but it came hot and tender, and the sauces were amazing! Make sure to check out the “mobile order” options on the Walt Disney World app to see all of the amazing choices (including food trucks!) you can get there. The water parks surprised us in how great the food offerings were also! Definitely check out the options before you head there. (Our thoughts on the water parks can be found here.)

There is no shortage of places to eat at Walt Disney World. Whether you want to fill up on snacks, share a meal, or go all out, we hope this will serve as a wonderful resource for you on your next Walt Disney World vacation!

What’s your favourite quick service meal? 

Have a magical day!
Erica, Heidi, Elisia and Danielle

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