Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a longstanding tradition at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World and for good reason. They have put a ton of care and thought into the party. Fun fact, the first party was in 2008! This exclusive party has things you won’t see anywhere else. Unlike Disneyland, Magic Kingdom doesn’t have a nightly Halloween projections/fireworks show and the only way to see them is to attend the party! I had the pleasure of not only experiencing it once last year but TWICE! The first time with the staff at Enchanted Vacations for our agency trip at the end of August, then again when we did a a land and sea vacation for Halloween in mid-September as a family!

As a Disneyland native, the truth is I didn’t think it was worth the extra money or they hype. I honestly thought that it was just an up-sell and way to get annual pass holders in the Park for different events. I’m here to say I was absolutely WRONG! Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is an AMAZING time and I 10/10 recommend adding this to your plans if you are in Walt Disney World Aug to Oct.

You heard that right – Halloween in Walt Disney World starts mid AUGUST. There’s something strange about seeing Fall decorations and people dressed up that early (I don’t want to hear anyone tell me it’s too early to decorate for Christmas in November now, k?!) But back to school is earlier in Florida and that’s just when they start.

The advantage to that is you have much more of a chance to experience it, verses Oogie Boogie Bash in Disneyland. Speaking of Oogie Boogie Bash, I had the chance to check it out this year. If you want to hear my thoughts about that and all the tips and tricks, check out our blog here. If you are asking which is better – there is absolutely NO contest – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is hands down high and above Oogie Boogie Bash… and here’s why!

The Hype

I wasn’t at all prepared for how special it would feel. The party itself starts at 7pm and goes til Midnight BUT they start asking you to hold up your wrist bands and escorting others out closer to 5pm and right at 7pm there is music and excitement in the air!

We had a plan to do treat trails, one or two special food items, then the entertainment. Low wait times for regular rides weren’t important for us after the party officially started, but we do encourage you to use the time between 4pm and 7pm to get on rides with low waits so you can focus on party specific fun from 7pm to Midnight!

The entire feel of the party is just different. Everyone is excited! The cast members are in special outfits (check out the Haunted Mansion cast members!) In Frontierland they did an applause square when anyone who jumped in or stepped in was applauded and it was hilarious.

What to Expect

 Four attractions have a Halloween twist

Space Mountain – This is hands down the best “twist” I have ever experienced. Ride this between 4pm and 6pm (we noticed at 6pm things slowed down BIG TIME for them to prepare) to experience as normal – then make sure to hop on this during party hours!

Mad Tea Party – Don’t have too many expectations for this – it’s really just different lights and music.

Pirates of the Caribbean – A must do! The line looks long (as always) but it goes quick. There are live pirates in the line and on the ride!

Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor – You can skip this too, but it’s an interactive “show”. There is a treat trail and then you can stay as short or as long as you want. 

Treat trails

This is exactly what you expect – they are where you get the treats! For some this is very important – we went through 6-10, and that was that. You do get a small treat bag when you enter the party, and we filled that up and put it in a backpack. For some people this is very important so they bring a bigger bag and go in and out a bunch of times. We did the ones that involve being inside (like the Tiki Room) and others but didn’t spend a ton of time on it.

Pro tip: The lines look long but go fast! You don’t need to hit up every one, but do a few to get the feel!

 Halloween Specialty food items

There are a few party exclusive items. We liked them – they weren’t over the top amazing but it’s fun to buy one or two.

 I suggest trying to get these around 6 pm if they are important to you – they also end up with exceptionally long lines! (especially things like the popcorn buckets and collectors items).

Mickey’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular fireworks – 10:15pm

These are the best fireworks I have EVER seen! I don’t know if it was just the excitement but we were blown away! They only show at ONE time every party night, so head over just before 10pm.

Protip: Set an alarm for 9:55pm and head over there! 

Boo to You Parade – 9:15pm and 11:35pm

The parade worth alllllllllllll the hype! The 9:15pm parade is significantly more busy than the 11:35pm. You do want to be here about 30 min early for a good spot. Two “pre-parade” things happen – the headless horseman rides, and Powerline dances! The best spot is halfway down mainstreet if you can get a spot! But anywhere along the route is great. You can absolutely find a place to sit at the later party!

The song won’t leave your head for months but it’s worth it!

Protip: We grabbed a snack at Starbucks, but you can grab a pretzel or a churro and a drink to refresh for the rest of the night!

Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular – 8:35pm, 10:45pm and 12:00am

This stage show is great! It features the Sanderson Sisters and lots of villain favourites! The first show will again be the busiest. We did the midnight show as the final thing of the night but it is VERY late for kids. The 10:45pm show is sort of the sweet spot after the fireworks and before the second parade.

Hocus Pocus show
photo by Glow with Me: Enchanted Vacations

Low wait times

The ride times will be less than you expect – and I also saw a shorter line for the Lantern photo op (which is always available) so we made a beeline for this because I’ve always wanted to get these photos! We waited about 20 min which is at least 1/3 less than normal.

My suggestion is to have a few rides in mind to do but not prioritize them over the party exclusive items!

***Currently TRON is available with a virtual queue for the party! If this ride is important to you (brand new, fun and fast) then set an alarm for 5:55pm to get the virtual queue to ride it during the party!****

Special characters

This is another thing that can take up a lot of time, so pick one or two that are important! There are tons of rare and special characters exclusive to the party. We didn’t wait for any characters, but we enjoyed seeing them while walking past!

Additionally the Cadaver Dans sing in Frontierland and that was a moment!

Special Photo ops and Magic Shots

If you have the Memory Maker don’t forget to ask for magic shots, and especially ones that are exclusive to the Party! Lines can get long for photos but there are always lots of photographers! We got photos while it was still light out – which you will definitely want to do if you spend a lot of time on your costumes! We didn’t have the Memory Maker for this trip because it was shorter, so we paid for the day only. There are a lot of photo booths scattered throughout the different lands too! We loved the 3 booths in Tomorrowland (where Stitch’s ride used to be, RIP).

Dressing up

We thought long and hard on dressing up for the Party – but because we had just gotten off the Wish for a Halloween on the High Seas and had carry ons with just only so much room we didn’t do it. So instead, we did our costumes for the cruise, and went with themed t-shirts for the Halloween party. We felt it was a good decision. It was VERY hot for the first 4 hours of the party, but we knew that was going to happen. Because we flew, and because it was our one time going as a family, that was what we did and I am happy with that decision! But we LOVED seeing the creativity – there are some truly spectacular costumes. For the costume guidelines, be sure to check out the rules here.

Exclusive Merch

The only thing I didn’t like about the Halloween Party was that the stores closed right at midnight. I’m used to Disneyland where you can shop for up to an hour after park close. There are some items that are exclusive to the Party – so if that’s important, hit up a shop between 7pm and midnight. The lines get bananas long, so be prepared (this is where paying on the app is a good idea). When you are already on Mainstreet for the parade, you could switch off having the family/friend group wait for the parade and pop in for the shopping.

What else do I need to know?

You don’t need a Park ticket on the day of the Party – so be prepared to show up early to get in. There WILL be a line – and it’s often VERY hot. We showed up at 3pm and got in just before 4pm. The lines were very long, but we just mentally prepared for that.

If you are already in Magic Kingdom or have a regular Park ticket that day, there are different turnstiles for you – and if you are in the Park already, you can get your wrist band quickly and painlessly!

I liked having the morning off to enjoy the pool (we were staying at Yacht Club, and it was nice having a quiet morning, having a pool day then getting ready and heading over). But if you are going to be in Magic Kingdom, the lines will be low all day!

We noticed that they started cutting off lines for regular guests as early as 5:15pm – so be prepared if you are there without a ticket to leave early.

Have a Plan

This is perhaps the most important part of the party – you really want to know what’s important and have a flow. We set alarms for the second parade, and the fireworks (of which there is only one). You can grab a program right off the top, but it’s a good idea to have a plan before you go into the Party. Stick with a flow and prioritize the things that are the “must-do” items!

What happens when it rains?

To say I wasn’t nervous about this is definitely a lie. Because my first night at the end of August was SO perfect, I was so nervous there would be a horrible storm for our family day. The actual party will go on almost always – but the parade, fireworks and stage show will only happen if it’s dry. Considering that the party is smack dab in the middle of hurricane season in Florida, there is always a possibility of these things being canceled. Disney doesn’t want that to happen any more than you do, but safety is first.

For light (or brief, heavy) rain, packing a poncho, rain jacket or light umbrella is always a good idea. For heavy rain, you do just have to pivot. If all 3 of the main events are canceled due to rain/weather, you can wait at guest services and see what they can do. But we suggest being mentally prepared and going in knowing that there is a chance of things having to pivot. You can still have a great time!

How to Get Tickets

I can help! Tickets go on sale early (this year it was end of April!) so the earlier the better – but even into August there will be some availability. Once the party is sold out, that’s that – we don’t recommend purchasing them elsewhere, it’s just too risky. The party is on select nights and runs mid Aug to Nov 1st! It is absolutely not too early to plan a trip for Aug to Oct of 2024 (or any other time!) We can secure the resort and tickets with a fully refundable $200 USD deposit, and then add Halloween Party tickets when they go on sale!

Tickets are non-refundable BUT the value of the ticket never expires – you can use it towards any Special Event at anytime – you just pay the difference if the price is more.

Simply fill out my form here to chat getting you tickets!

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